I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Tufts University. I joined the department in the Fall of 2017. I direct the Multimodal Learning, Interaction, and Perception Lab. Stop by the lab's website for the most recent news and publications.

My main research interests lie in Cognitive and Developmental Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Learning, and Computational Perception. The question that interests me most is, ``What is intelligence and how can it be implemented in a physical robot?''. I am passionate about enabling robots to operate in and learn about human-inhabited environments for extended periods of time.

In the Spring of 2019, I led a team that won the Verizon 100K 5G EdTech Challenge with a proposal focused on investigating how Augmented Reality interfaces can enhance robotics education.

In the Spring of 2017, I co-organized a AAAI Spring Symposium titled Interactive Multi-Sensory Perception for Embodied Agents. In the Fall of 2019, I co-organized a AAAI Fall Symposium on AI for Human-Robot Interaction.

Prior to joining Tufts, I was a postdoctoral associate with the Learning Agents Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Peter Stone at the University of Texas at Austin. My work focused on the Building-Wide Intelligence Project which aims to bring robots out of the labs and into human-inhabited environments.

While at UT Austin, I was also a Clinical Assistant Professor with the College of Natural Science's Freshman Research Initiative program which aims to enable first year undergraduate students to conduct scientific research.

Assistant Professor
Tufts University
Department of Computer Science

Email: jsinapov@cs.tufts.edu
Office: Halligan 213