Ashley Suh

CS PhD Candidate @ Tufts University

Hello! I'm a research assistant in the visual analytics lab at Tufts University and soon-to-be PhD graduate (fingers crossed!). My research is broadly at the intersection of information visualization, visual analytics, and HCI. I received my MS from the computer science department in December 2021, and my BS in computer science & mathematics at the University of South Florida. I'm currently a co-op student at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA.

Beyond visualization research, I'm passionate about being a mentor and teacher to students from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds. During my time at Tufts, I've closely mentored four women on research projects in the computer science and data science departments. I was the Program Instructor for the Coding 101 Intensive Tufts Pre-College program, where I taught Python to both local and international high school students. Before grad school, I was a supplemental lecturer for the Hillsborough Community College's STEM Transfer Center. I created interactive educational content to make math and coding more accessible, with the goal of encouraging students' transition and enrollment into STEM programs at a state university.

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