Ron Thompson

PhD Student, Tufts Security and Privacy Lab

Email: rthomp06 at cs dot tufts dot edu


I am currently a PhD student at Tufts University studying computer science, specifically usable security and medical devices. My overarching goal is to develop technology and data-driven processes & tools that protect healthcare systems and allow clinicians, researchers, and other healthcare workers to focus on delivering care to patients.

I have worked as a data engineer, analyst, and consultant helping organisations unlock the value of data. I continue to consult with businesses about strategies to effectively leverage data and technolgy. The common theme in my career has been about helping people leverage the power of technology, from securing medical devices from ransomware, to informing investment decisions based on data driven evidence, to providing threat information to warfighters.

Research Interests

Medical Device Security
- How medical devices are secured during development and in clinical settings.
- Develop tools & processes to reduce overhead of securing medical devices.
Privacy Frameworks for Clinical Informatics
- How to protect patient data while allowing it to be shared/analyzed for research & public health surveillance.
- Distributed data analysis of Electronic Health Records, Medical Claims, and other Patient Health Information.

A Brief History of Time

Before Tufts, I wore a number of different hats in a vareity of industries. I spent six years working in various positions related to data science. I have experience in capital markets, defense, and politics. Some highlights include: co-founding a startup that developed technology for Army Special Forces, working at a hedge fund as a quantitative analyst, helping political campaigns with digital analytics and coordinating the cybersecurity for a presidential campaign.

In addition to working in technical roles, I spent time helping organisations use data science to make business decisions and technical teams to meet the demands of business users. I continue to consult with businesses on data science projects, such as building out analytical environments, developing specific analyses, and helping implement organisational changes to benefit from data-driven decisions.

I was born in New York City, but grew up in London. My undergraduate degree was in Government with a focus in International Financial Regulation from Georgetown; I looked at the implementation of Basel II/III in the EU and proliferation of US orginated instruments in the European debt market.

Since leaving politics as a job, I have continued to stay active in civic affairs and I currently serve as an election worker for the City of Cambridge. I'm also working towards building my wine knowledge, and currently taking part in the WSET certification process. Additionally, I enjoy getting outdoors and going on unique adventures! Some highlights include: doing an ice skating marathon in Finland twice, winning the Hoffman Trophy at Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta my senior year of college, and backpacking two sections of the Appalachian Trail. I'm hoping to do a winter ascent of Mount Washington in the next few years.



Medical Device Security

Other Publications:

Non-Academic Publications

59 Percent Likely Hostile - War on the Rocks

Article on the need to educate warfighters on probability and provide front-line AI support as more data driven technologies are deployed in military contexts. This article was submitted in response to the call for ideas issued by the co-chairs of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, Eric Schmidt and Robert Work.

AI for Drug Discovery - Back Bay Life Science Advisors

Article coming soon Whitepaper on how artificial intelligence is currently being used for drug discovery and an overview of the financing landscape.