Marianne Procopio

procopio @ cs tufts edu

PhD Candidate @ Tufts University
Department of Computer Science


I am a student of Remco Chang at VALT (the Visual Analytics Laboratory at Tufts), and completed my PhD qualifiers in Spring 2017. I am researching data systems to support visual analysis of large scale data.

Visual exploration requires that the underlying data be available at interactive speeds. This requirement can be easily met when data resides in memory, but such a solution is not scalable. As the amount of data increases and can no longer fit in memory, the data must be stored on disk or in a remote database. As a result, the queries used to populate the visualization can take minutes, hours or longer to return.

The goal of my PhD thesis is to examine the different strategies that integrate data storage and retrieval techniques with front-end visualizations that enable interactive exploratory analysis of large scale data.

I completed my undergrad and master's at Boston University, advised by Margrit Betke. My research involved analyzing the flight patterns of bats from infrared video. Using image processing, I looked into the flight paths of individual bats and the column depth and density of colonies while they emerged from their roosts at dusk.


Marianne Procopio, Carlos Scheidegger, Eugene Wu, Remco Chang. "Load-n-Go: Fast Approximate Join Visualizations That Improve Over Time." Data Systems for Interactive Analysis Workshop at VIS 2017.

Chang, Remco, Yang, Fumeng, Procopio, Marianne. From Vision Science to Data Science: Applying Perception to Problems in Big Data. In Electronic Imaging. 2016, Vol 16, Pages 1-7. Society for Imaging Science and Technology

M. Betke, D. E. Hirsh, N. C. Makris, G. F. McCracken, M. Procopio, N. I. Hristov, S. Tang, A. Bagchi, J. Reichard, J. Horn, S. Crampton, C. J. Cleveland, and T. H. Kunz. "Thermal Imaging Reveals Significantly Smaller Brazilian Free-tailed Bat Colonies than Previously Estimated." Journal of Mammalogy, 89(1):18-24,February 2008.
Also discussed in Nature, 452, Research Highlights, p. 507.

N. I. Hristov, M. Betke, L. Premerlani, M. Procopio, and T. H. Kunz. "Thermal Imaging Reveals Highly Variable Nightly and Seasonal Activity Patterns of Brazilian Free-tailed Bats at Carlsbad Caverns." XIV International Bat Research Conference (IBRC) and the 37th Annual North American Symposium on Bat Research (NASBR), Merida, Mexico, 19-23 August 2007.


I was honored to take part in the VIS 2017 Doctoral Colloquium. I presented my work on optimizing the latest in online aggregation for visualization specific queries.

Panelist for AVID: Advancing Visualization Inclusion and Diversity at VIS 2017.