Noah Mendelsohn

Office Hours

Next office hours

Date: Tuesday 4/16/2024     Time: 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

In person (Room JCC 440J): YES

Zoom: NO ... There will be no ongoing zoom session, but if you are away or sick you may email to ask whether I can set one up for you.

Office Hours Schedule and Hints

I have a part time appointment at Tufts, and since I will be lecturing for CS 40 on different days for different weeks, my on-campus days will unfortunately be a little irregular for Spring of 2024. Here's how we will handle office hours:

Most weeks, when I am able to get to campus, I will hold Spring 2024 office hours every Tuesday from 3:15 - 4:00 PM, but some weeks I may choose a different day or time. Here's how we will handle scheduling week-by-week:

COVID PREVENTION: Please Wear a Mask to In Person Office Hours

Due to my age and some medical conditions I am at higher than average risk of complications if I were to get COVID. Therefore, I would be very grateful if you would wear a mask when coming to my office for office hours. Indeed, if you insist on not wearing a mask (Tufts no longer requires it in Tufts buildings), then I will ask that we meet outside or in some other well ventilated space (or via zoom). Thank you for understanding. I usually have extra masks in my office, so don't let not having one keep you from stopping by if you want to see me.