Tufts Girls of Code Workshop
JavaScripting at a Tufts GOC workshop

Tufts Girls of Code is a community organization offering free coding workshops for girls to spark engagement and interest in Computer Science.

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Dr. Laney Strange launched Tufts Girls of Code in 2016, and we've hosted dozens of young women here at Tufts to learn about coding and to meet and support others. At a Tufts Girls of Code workshop, Dr. Strange and a fabulous cohort of current Tufts computer science students conduct a fun a interactive learning experience that includes an introduction to computer programming, hands-on coding assignments, and usually a pretty awesome project you can keep working on forever, as computer scientists tend to do.

Our workshops also feature guest speakers who are "girls of code" themselves. Speakers share their career paths to and within STEM, which are many and varied. We love to talk about all the different ways we can pursue our passions.

Most workshops run 9am-1pm on a Saturday at the Tufts campus. We work in a computer lab in the computer science building, and we usually have pizza for lunch before demonstrating our projects for students' families.

Above all, Tufts Girls of Code is a community. We are proud to be part of a group that fosters support and encouragement among women in STEM, and we hope that you will join us!

Tufts Girls of Code Volunteers
Tufts Girls of Code Volunteers!


We're happy to have the support of the Tufts University Department of Computer Science, and we'd love to have your support, too! Here's how to get involved!.


The U.S. Labor Department has estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs openings for computer-related occupations this decade, and the median job for people with a computer-science degree pays around $80,000 to $100,000. Of the STEM fields, computer science and computer engineering have the highest median earnings for recent college graduates without advanced degrees, and only around 12% are women. We want to change this!

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