Dr. Laney Strange
Tufts University Computer Science
228 Halligan Hall

Professional Activities

Computer Science is for everybody. I’m strongly committed to supporting women and other underrepresented groups in STEM. Here's what I'm currently up to: If you're at the intersection of social change and computer science, count me as your ally and friend -- and please drop me an email so we can work on things together!

Research and Industry:

My research interests are parallel and out-of-core computing. My Ph.D. dissertation project was a piece of middleware that made efficient parallel programs more efficient and easier to write, especially for programmers who are not experts in parallel computing.

From grad school, I went into industry. I was a senior software engineer for Amazon.com's search team, at their A9 subsidiary in Palo Alto. I worked on all kinds of projects related to search, including the spelling correction engine, query completion, generating synonyms, and many more.

After Amazon, I was Product Director for an international nonprofit organization called TechSoup Global. The organization was just starting to build their software engineering team when I came on board, and we built software for social change instigators all over the world.

I also tried to launch a start-up in 2013, which was an almost-immediate failure. Our start-up had a side business to bring in some extra money -- and the side business was a food truck (oh and btw, I don't cook). It was quite an adventure. Here I am talking about my truck at Ignite Memphis in 2014.

Outside the Classroom

I’m a born-and-bred New Englander. I've lived all over the country but always seem to wind up back here in the Northeast. My alma maters are Simmons College (undergrad) and Dartmouth College (doctorate).

I run with a local running group in my neighborhood, the Dorchester Running Club. I've run a few marathons (VERY SLOWLY), including the Boston Marathon in 2017. In my experience, runners are about the most friendly and welcoming group of people you'll find in any community.

Dorchester Running Club
With the Dorchester Running Club, July 2016

At home, I have a husband who is a comic book historian. If you're into that sort of thing, you might have seen him speaking at regional cons talking about social and racial justice in comic books. But his day job is way cooler, which is working for a restaurant called Veggie Galaxy. He's not vegan but I am, so it works out great.

PS here is a picture of our dog, Tugboat.

Tugboat Strange
Tugboat Strange

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