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-Video Games-
Project Phaelin A project to make a Mega Man fighting game. Lots of Mega Man sprites.
EmuXpress News and links about video game emulation
Atari HQ Big Atari history page.
Antic Archive online archinving of the old Atari 8-bit computer magazine
Digitial Nostalgia Remakes of classic video games for PCs
Future Crew The best PC "Demo" makers
King Missle Info on an odd but funny band. Like Dead Milkmen, but different. (A bit less tuneful, for starters.) I mirrored the lyrics on this site.
Dan Bern Funny Folksinger. "Well, I think in a way Bob Dylan was sort of the Dan Bern of the '60's." --Dan Bern
T^3 Software Has some good music (MOD and SID) links
Top Tips Advice for living, like "Never, ever fall for a gal named after a flower, a gemstone or a month of the year." and "never refuse a breathmint"
Center for the Easily Amused Cool site, includes some amusing shockwave games.
"All Hail Brak!" Space Ghost's Astoundingly Stupid Co-host.
-General Interest-
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts The name speaks for itself. Updated every so often.
Scientific American Web version of the magazine
Joanna Land Advice on how to Throw a Swank Cocktail Party or Become a More Interesting Person.
Rei's Anime and Manga Page General information and Essays on Japanese cartooning
Skeptic's Dictionary How to be a more critical thinker and avoid fraud, well-meaning and otherwise.
Astigmatic One Eye Fonts Fonts, freeware and otherwise
Gore Gallery Warning: Not about the Vice-President.
Poetry Index A Huge Online Archive of Well-known Poetry
Personality & IQ Tests A collection of online tests