Karl Cronburg

CS Graduate Student @ Tufts University
Email: myfirstname@cs.tufts.edu
Github: cronburg
Instagram: karlcronburg
CV: December 2015

Academic Interests

Current Projects


I'm an avid runner, currently training for the 2016 Providence marathon. I play Tuba - saving up to buy a really nice rotary-valve C Tuba. When I'm not running or doing the grad school thing, I'm usually either playing board & card games with friends or hacking on my raspberry pi and various other devices. I like to think I'm into photography, but really I just take pictures with my phone and occasionally post to Instagram.


  1. Vim or Emacs? - Vim.
  2. Spaces or tabs? - Spaces.
  3. Functional or imperative? - Enter the monad.
  4. Terminal background? - black.
  5. Version control? - git.

Coming Soon: