Dylan Cashman

dcashm01 _at_ cs _dot_ tufts _dot_ edu

PhD Student

Tufts University

Computer Science

I am a second year PhD student in Computer Science at Tufts University. I work under Remco Chang in the Visual Analytics Lab at Tufts (VALT).

I received my Masters of Science in Computer Science at Tufts University in 2016, and my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Brown University in 2010.

Before grad school, I built Ruby on Rails systems for healthcare nonprofits in the Boston area at Annkissam.


Visual Analytics Lab at Tufts


  • Vanishing Gradient

    D. Cashman, G. Patterson, A. Mosca, R. Chang, "RNNbow: Visualizing Learning via Backpropagation Gradients in Recurrent Neural Networks" Workshop on Visual Analytics for Deep Learning (at IEEE VIS 2017), 2017.

    Best Paper Award



  • Bayesian Detection

    B. Price, L. Price, D. Cashman, M. Nabi, "Efficient Bayesian Detection of Disease Onset in Truncated Medical Data" IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI 2017), 2017.

  • Big Data, Bigger Audience

    D. Cashman, S. Kelley, D. Staheli, C. Fulcher, M. Procopio, R. Chang, "Big Data, Bigger Audience: A Meta-algorithm for Making Machine Learning Actionable for Analysts" VizSec, 2016. Also presented at MIT Lincoln Labs Cyber and Netcentric Workshop CNW 2017

    Extended Abstract

    Poster (PPT)


  • D. Cashman, F. Yang, J. Chandler, A. Mosca, M. Iori, T. August, R. Chang, "Chasing Waldo: Implicit Recovery of User Behavior and Intent from User Interaction Logs" Tufts Graduate Research Symposium , 2017
  • D. Cashman, "Color Spaces and Color Places" Tufts REU Lecture Series , Summer 2017
  • D. Cashman, "Big Data, Bigger Audience: A Method for Adapting Statistical Methods for a Wider Audience of Users" Tufts IGNITE , 2015
  • D. Cashman, "Introduction to Ruby" and "Models, Scaffolding, and Migrations", Railsbridge Boston , 2013

Teaching Assistant

  • COMP 40: Machine Structure and Assembly Language Programming. Tufts University. Fall 2016, Spring 2017
  • COMP 61: Discrete Math. Tufts University. Fall 2015
  • Math 0520: Linear Algebra. Brown University. Spring 2008
  • Math 0200: Multivariable Calculus. Brown University. Fall 2008, Fall 2009
  • Math 0190: Calculus II. Brown University. Fall 2007


I used to play classical upright bass; I still play guitar sometimes. I'm a big music guy and I try to constantly expand what I'm listening to, both in genre and in time period. I like reading and I try to alternate between something fun and something important. My brothers and cousins and I all have a scheduled night every two weeks to play some dumb online videogames together. I was really into pickup basketball, but I'm afraid I'll hurt my knees if I play too frequently.

Oh, and watching TV series over and over again. Way too many times.