A portrait of Carson with a red brick wall in the background. He is smiling, because he has not yet experienced the horrors of grad school.
E-mail: carson dot powers at tufts dot edu

I'm a recent addition to the Teaspoon lab at Tufts University, where I research human factors affecting software developers and reverse engineers with Dr. Daniel Votipka. I'm also interested in adversarial thinking as it pertains to cybersecurity and software development. Adversarial thinking is commonly defined as the ability to think like a hacker, which I believe is the creative thought process necessary for vulnerability discovery and threat modeling. I'm interested in comparing the cognitive models of novices to those of seasoned professionals to find better ways to teach AT. Details to follow on a project I'm cooking up!

I previously worked with Dr. Peter Peterson at the University of Minnesota Duluth Laboratory for Advanced Research in Systems (UMD LARS). While there, I studied adaptive lossless data compression and computer security education, and I supported Dr. Peterson's ongoing research in identifying student misconceptions in computer security (supported by NSF #1821788).