What to do if you do not have a Tufts email account

Stay calm. It is not you. The system is not perfect.

If you are eligible for a Tufts email account you must get the password for it. You are responsible for all email sent to your Tufts email account by Tufts University.
Student email passwords are distributed in the Eaton Hall Computer Lab. For more information visit the Tufts IT website.

If you are an alumni, or otherwise do not have or are unable to gain access to your Tufts email account, you can either visit the ECE/CS Help Desk (Halligan 231C) or download our password reset request form and fax or mail it back to us. Emailing a scanned image or PDF is also acceptable, but please remember to include a scan of your ID.

If you need further assistance please contact the ECE/CS Help Desk by visiting Halligan 231C or sending mail to staff@eecs.tufts.edu.