Me in Amsterdam in front of a dope astronaut statue.
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Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering

Tufts University, School of Engineering Class of 2021

I am passionate about applying Machine Learning

and Data Science to healthcare. Currently,

my research is focused on biological network

analysis with my mentor, Prof. Lenore Cowen.

Within the Tufts BCB Group, I am exploring

Function Prediction of protein-protein-interaction

networks and cross-species network embeddings.

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About Me

I am currently in my third year at Tufts. I will graduate a year early this year and plan to pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science at Tufts beginning in Fall 2021. I love coding, skiing, playing tennis, working out, and reading science fiction novels.


Click here to download my resumé.


  1. Graduating one year early from with a Double Major in Computer Science and BME.
  2. Member of the Tufts BCB Group under the mentorship of Professor Lenore Cowen.
  3. Member of the NanoLab at Tufts under the mentorship of Professor Sameer Sonkusale.
  4. Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Machine Learning course at Tufts under Prof. Michael Hughes (COMP135)
  5. Tufts Computer Science Student Council Member at Large during my sophomore year.
  6. Tufts School of Engineering Dean's List: Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020
  7. Perfect score of 36 on ACT.


Click here to see all the projects on my Github.