Hello, I'm Nate Bragg

Welcome to my personal website. I am a computer scientist and software engineer with expertise in programming languages and embedded systems.

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About Me

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Tufts University, working on programming languages with my advisors Jeff Foster.

My primary research interests are related to Program Synthesis, applications of Convex Optimization, and Resource Analysis.

I'm also generally into weird type systems, event-driven systems, distributed systems, and machine learning.

Before returning to graduate school, I spent 12 years in industry working on cool stuff like embedded systems and machine learning for companies including Bose and ADB Airfield Solutions.

Before that, I got my BS in Electrical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


"Nate is a very creative thinker, making connections between ideas from different areas of computer science and even electrical engineering with promising results."

- Dr. Kathleen Fisher, former advisor and Department Chair of Computer Science at Tufts University

"Nate can quickly understand the most complex problem or topic, in anything from high-level algorithms to low-level device software, and design and implement an elegant solution to it. He is a really great team member and colleague to work with, willing to help and mentor others whenever anyone needs it."

- Mike Moretti, Sr. Software Engineer, colleague at Bose

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to discuss potential collaborations or if you have any inquiries.