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Tufts University Related Questions
Q. How do I send a file from home and provide it?
There's a couple ways:
1.) E-mail yourself your document and then come into Halligan and login one of the unix machines.
2.) Download a program such as winscp. Then select "ssh" as your connection type, and log into the url "" with your username and unix password (note that your unix password may be different than your windows or utln password). Once you have done this you can drag into your folders your document. Then you will need to provide it by submitting the document through a terminal.

To access the terminal from a windows machine, there are many tools you can use, but here are two sets of instructions.
1.) Follow these directions to 'ssh' into the shell and submit a document.
2.) or these directions
(Note that you should log in to instead of : example "unix login name"

When your document is on a unix machine, follow the provide instructions given by your instruction.
Q. How can I check my grades with provide?
Type in "progress" followed by the course name.
Example: "progress comp15" (Note, generally all letters are lower case)
Q. I lost my password, want to forward my e-mail, and/or cannot remember my username?
Tufts Tools - Note that this is only your UTLN, and not your Unix account.
Q. I lost my Unix password/it expired/I need a Windows account
Unix Accounts - Note that this is only your Unix account, and not your UTLN account you use to access trunk, e-mail,etc..
Q. How do I download a directory from Tufts onto my Windows/Mac Machine
Use 'scp', here's an example:
scp -r .

(The dot is the destination which means to put in your current directory, this of course could be another directory path on your local machine)
Q. How do I connect to the Tufts VPN and/or use with Remote Desktop?
Log into VPN at, then launch Network Connect. Make sure to get your machines name. If you have a windows machine, right-click on "Computer" in Windows 7 to find your machine name.
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