My research interests lie at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, AR/VR, and Data Science. Currently, I study how scientists use VR to collaborate remotely and investigate how we can design VR tools to support cognition in remote scientific collaboration. I also hold a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

I'm co-advised by Lenore Cowen and Orit Shaer.


March 2022
Awarded Best Doctoral Consortium Student Award at IEEE VR 2022
August 2019
I am honored to be selected as a recipient of the ACM SIGHPC/Intel Data Science Fellowship
July 2019
My first publication was accepted into CSCW 2019!
March 2019
I attended the CRA Grad Cohort for URMD Workshop in Hawaii and NSBE45 in Detroit, Michigan.
August 2018
I am now a GEM Associate Fellow!
May 2018
Excited to be interning at NerdWallet in SF through Code2040 for the summer!
January 2018
Started my PhD at Tufts University 🐘


Monsurat Olaosebikan, Claudia Aranda Barrios, Blessing Kolawole, Lenore Cowen, and Orit Shaer. Identifying Cognitive and Creative Support Needs for Remote Scientific Collaboration using VR: Practices, Affordances, and Design Implications. (Creativity & Cognition 2022)

Monsurat Olaosebikan, Claudia Aranda Barrios, Lenore Cowen, and Orit Shaer. 2022. Embodied Notes: A Cognitive Support Tool For Remote Scientific Collaboration in VR. (CHI 2022 Late-Breaking Work)

Monsurat Olaosebikan. [DC] Designing Immersive Tools for Supporting Cognition in Remote Scientific Collaboration. (IEEE VR Doctoral Consortium 2022)

Ens, Barrett, Benjamin Bach, Maxime Cordeil, [and 21 others including Monsurat Olaosebikan]. Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics. (CHI 2021)

Ayanna Seals, Monsurat Olaosebikan, Jennifer Otiono, Orit Shaer, Oded Nov. Effects of Augmented Self-Reflections on Health Perceptions During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Between-Subjects Web-Based Experiment. (JMIR 2021)

Monsurat Olaosebikan, Lenore Cowen, Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Jinkyu Yang, Nastassja Lewinski, and Orit Shaer. Towards Collaborative Immersive Analytics for Coral Reef Data. (CHI 2020 Workshop on Immerive Analytics)

Jennifer Otiono*, Monsurat Olaosebikan*, Orit Shaer, Oded Nov, and Mad Price Ball. Understanding Users Information Needs and Collaborative Sensemaking of Microbiome Data. (CSCW 2019)

*Both authors contributed equally to this research.