Jeanne-Marie Musca

jmusca at cs dot tufts dot edu

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Tufts University, working on programming languages with my advisor Kathleen Fisher.

My current research involves designing provably correct domain specific languages.

I got my BA at Carleton University in Cognitive Science, an interdisciplinary degree which encompasses Linguistics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Philosophy.

I went on to get an MA in Philosophy at Tufts University. My studies in philosophy piqued my interest in computation theory and logic, and led me to continue my studies in computer science at Tufts.

Currently, I am a research assistant for Kathleen Fisher. I have been a teaching assistant for several courses at Tufts: Machine Structure & Assembly-Language Programming (COMP 40), Discrete Mathematics (COMP 61), Programming Languages (COMP 105), Algorithms (COMP 160), and Computation Theory (COMP 170).