COMP/MATH 61: Discrete Math (Spring 2014 - Section 03)


This is an introductory course to discrete mathematics, designed to cover topics used in upper-division courses in mathematics and computer science.


The course will cover the basics of propositional logic, proof techniques including induction, sets, relations, counting and combinatorics, graphs and graph theory, and probability.


Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction, 3rd Edition, 2012 by Edward A. Scheinerman.


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Month Week Date Topic Section Notes Lecturer
January 1 16th Logic 3-4 .pdf Andrew
2 21st 5-7 .pdf
23rd Sets 8-11 .pdf
3 28th 12-13 .pdf
30th Relations 14-16 .pdf
February 4 4th Proof by Contradiction 20 .html Greg
6th Smallest Counterexample 21 .html
5 11th Induction 22 .pdf Andrew
13th Recurrence Relations 23 .pdf
6 18th Midterm on material covered Jan 16 to Feb 11
20th No class - Tufts on Monday schedule
7 25th Functions 24 .pdf Andrew
27th big-O 29 .html Greg
March 8 4th Pigeonhole 24 .pdf Andrew
6th Countability, Permutations 25-27, 16 .pdf
9 11th N Choose K 17 .pdf
13th Inclusion-Exclusion, N Multichoose K 19, 18 .pdf
10 18th No class - spring break
11 25th Number Theory Chapter 7 Lenore Cowen
27th Midterm on material covered Feb 13 to March 13 Eric
April 12 1st Graphs I: Fundamentals, Subgraphs 47 .html Greg
3rd Probability I: Sample Space, Events 30, 31 .html
13 8th Graphs II: Cliques and Independent Sets 48 .html
10th Probability II: Conditional Probability 32 .html
14 15th Graphs III: Connectivity and Trees 49, 50 .html
17th Probability III: Random Variables, Expectation 33, 34 .html
15 22nd Graphs IV: Planarity, Vertex Coloring 52, 53 .html
24th Graphs V: more Vertex Coloring
Probability IV: more Indicator Random Variables
.html 1
.html 2
May Final 7th Final on all material covered, except chapter 7 Andrew & Greg

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