Projects for Spring 2014. (links are still under construction)
Name           Topic   Presentation Date     web   
Jeremiah     Monte Carlo robot localization April 17 link
Cyrus     Practical comparison of regular and Fibonacci heaps April 17 link
Rachel     String matching with errors April 24 link
James     Geographic Localization April 24 link
Anschel     Blame Trees April 24 link
Erden     Discovering shortest routes between Soviet railroad stations   May 1 link
Cyrille     Ant colony algorithm May 1 link
Ahmad     Link prediction algorithms May 1 link
Dave     Data structures for spatial indexing May 1 link
Alex     Tries May 1 link
Jerry     Lossless data compression with suffix trees May 1 link

How to choose a topic:

First of all, you should check out the projects page for COMP 163 (Computational Geometry).
"Algorithms" projects can involve any sub-category, including the above. In particular, many comp-geom topics make great project material, because there are so many illustrations that can be made.
Also, there are past projects hosted on that page, so you can get an idea of what might be expected (browse a lot; quality varies).

For non-computational-geometry, here is a non-exhaustive list of sources:

There is a wiki listing CS conferences.
A few are highlighted below (using DBLP links for consistency; original links contained within)