COMP 260: Advanced Algorithms (Spring 2014)


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This class is a weekly seminar course on algorithms. The goal is to have fun and get students to work on what they enjoy.


This course is NOT meant to be a continuation of COMP 160 in the sense that we will just cover the rest of CLRS. However, one or two chapters may sneak into the agenda. Lectures will have varying flavors: most will be "regular" presentations of interesting/important/common algorithms, but some will involve discussion of published research papers, and possibly some will be for student presentations or project demos.


Your grade will be determined as follows: 60% by an independent project and presentation, 20% by participation, 10% by homework, and 10% by two tests (one midterm and one final)


Month Week Date Topic Lecturer
January 1 16th Graphs: Edge Coloring and Vertex Coloring Greg
2 23rd Planar Graphs: Euler, Forbidden Subgraphs, and Crossing Number
3 30th Polygonal Path Approximation. Spanners.
February 4 6th Matching, Packing, and Covering in Graphs. Hypergraphs. NP-hardness. Andrew
5 13th Fibonacci Heaps. Splay Trees. Amortized Analysis.
6 20th snow
7 27th Suffix Trees and more on Spanners Greg
March 8 6th Midterm and Computation Models Andrew
9 13th Lower bounds, hardness, reductions.
10 20th No class - spring break
11 27th No class - rescheduled - see above
April 12 3rd Algorithmic Self-Assembly Andrew
13 10th Prune and Search. Topic from Computational Geometry Greg
14 17th Network Flow and Andrew's 3SUM surprise. Also, 2 presentations
15 24th Test and 3 presentations G & A
May 16 1st 6 presentations

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